Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing

TTI’s Business Intelligence (BI) practice provides our clients with a comprehensive offering that provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. The technology provides a means for organizations to make better decisions. Meeting the challenges of managing large volumes of transactional data through BI can provide competitive advantage, assist in policy and strategy optimization, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s services.

TTI has provided clients with services throughout the BI implementation cycle. TTI’s BI specialists leverage their industry and technical experience to help clients build comprehensive data models that support a variety of custom information delivery needs. (i.e., Dashboards, Ad hoc exploration, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition, etc., trend analysis and predictive analysis)

Highlights of TTI’s (BI) Solutions

  • Efficiency in collection and distribution of key data and statistics.
  • Increases your organizational strategic direction.
  • Allows for a speedy and fact-based decision making.
  • Consolidated Enterprise Data allowing interfacing with external systems such as ERP, CRM, and others.

Business Planning

We strategize, design and deploy an effective plan to clearly identify what the BI system will deliver as well as identify the efforts required to accomplish the deployment. Our implementations are an infusion of the latest best practices

  • The organization’s business case for BI and Technology class recommendations
  • Identify organizational reporting and analysis needs (conformance/fiduciary reporting requirements, management reporting requirements, business process monitoring, etc.)
  • Identify the highest-value applications of a BI system
  • Identify the necessary elements that such a system would include
  • Identify source data
  • Estimate duration, staffing requirements, and cost to develop a BI system

By taking a more strategic and investigative approach and by looking at the business process and identifying key questions, TTI identifies what is needed to elicit and analyze effective BI requirements in order to uncover and define multiple dimensions of information that customers would like to see reported.